2018 Results

DFS Lineup Optimizer Review

The lineups in the results table are defaults generated by the optimizer mentioned. I play defaults from each tool as a way to evaluate both the underlying optimization algorithms and the projections offered by the tool vendor.

I don’t just talk about DFS optimizers and DFS lineup building techniques on this site, I put money on the line. The table on this page shows the lineup that I played and the results of the contest.

2018 DFS Lineup Optimizer Results


Who is behind DFS Lineup Optimizer Reviews?

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Should You Play Default Lineups In DFS Contests?

The short answer is no, but I play defaults as a way to assess the projections used by the lineup optimizers. Optimization is pretty straightforward, check out this article on linear programming if you are interested in learning more, the projections are key.

Here is a longer answer on why you don’t want to play defaults: If you look through the results of past contests, particularly large multi-entry GPPs, you will see many of the same lineups being played. This is the result of many DFS players entering the same lineup, most of which were generated by a tool (and likely one of the ones mentioned on this site). It happens, and it’s only going to get worse as more players enter the DFS world. The only way to differentiate you lineups from the others is to research, study, look for value in a position or two, embrace “position scarcity”, and lock/exclude players from the optimizer.

With the quality and popularity of optimizers on the rise, it is absolutely critical that you do research as a part of your lineup building process in order to differentiate your lineup from the others.