About DFS Lineup Optimizer Reviews and Our Mission

First things first: I’m by no means an expert in sports, daily fantasy strategy, sports betting, etc. I am a software developer that happens to like playing with spreadsheets, studying measurement and metrics across various fields, and doing sports analysis. My mission is to share this information with the DFS community with the hope that it makes all of us better players.

I’ve been playing DFS since the 2014 NFL season, and like many I was attracted to DraftKings and FanDuel based on TV ads that kept popping up during games. My first few months, being completely new to Daily Fantasy Sports, I entered GPP’s (because as indicated on TV, they led to the big bank) and consistently lost.

About midway through the 2015 MLB season, I started doing research and found out a few things:

  1. DFS isn’t a casual game between you and your friends. There are big boys and girls out there with many thousands of dollars on the line every night, using scripts and other automated means to develop and manage lineups and enter contests.
  2. Tournaments/Guaranteed Prize Pools/etc. (GPPs) are best left to the aforementioned big boys and girls. They will flood the contests with multiple optimized entries that significantly tip the odds in their favor. To place in a GPP, you need to be in the top 13-20% of the pool and to win any real cash you need to be in the top 10.
  3. Cash games (50/50, Double Up’s, Head to Head) are better for long term enjoyment and the chance to make a few dollars. Your odds in these types of games trend toward 50%.

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So with this info in hand, I started looking around for other things that might shift the odds a little more in my favor and found DFS lineup optimization tools. There are many lineup optimizers available for those that are seeking to gain a competitive edge when playing daily fantasy sports. If you are a regular run-of-the-mill player like me, then you need all the help you can get.

I started writing blog posts to pass along info I was learning about DFS.

I use DFS lineup optimizers (some free and some paid) and follow a pretty strict bankroll management strategy (7-10% wagered). I do about 10-20 minutes of research each day to look for some “consensus” players that I will use as the foundation for my lineups, then let it rip.

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The bottom line is that love creating value for the DFS community by doing research on tools, trends, lineup building strategies, and putting together pages of information (such as Weather By MLB StadiumMLB Lineup Building Strategies) that will help you build better DFS lineups.

Good luck and have fun.