DFS Lineup Building Guide

This Information Can Help You Win More Of Your DFS Contests

The approach that I offer will help you build better lineups, regardless of which DFS sport that you play.

I show you how to use the knowledge of industry experts to build highly competitive DFS lineups. A skill that once learned you will use forever.

  • My DFS Lineup Building Guide contains over 20 pages of easy to read, no-nonsense information.
  • It will help you build better lineups faster, regardless of sport.
  • You will learn a systematic approach to lineup building that will take your game to the next level.

How It All Started

When I first started playing DFS during the 2014 NFL season, I built lineups and entered contests without a lot of thought.

  • I would select my favorite players from my favorite teams. This didn’t prove to be a very successful approach.
  • I would enter contests with huge payouts, not realizing that the chances of me winning were very, VERY slim.
  • I didn’t understand the concept of multi vs. single entry contests, cash contests (50/50) vs. tournaments (GPP), etc.
  • I was literally pumping anywhere from $20 to $100 a week into a black hole.

Something had to change!

The Turning Point

After a month or so of consistent losses, I started reading blogs and forums on DFS sites, applied some sound reasoning and a little common sense and started building my own lineups. I also became much more selective about the types of contests I enter.

What You Get

You are buying my exclusive lineup building strategies that I developed and personally use to win more DFS contests.

What People Are Saying

I like that you refer to other sites for research, data, optimizers and bankroll management, so you can determine which sites you want to use for yourself. – JA

I like it. I like that it’s real. This isn’t some bullshit cut and paste strategy guide like you’ll see all over the web. – CT

Three Things To Think About

  • Stop wasting money and cheating yourself by buying lineups that rarely pan out. Anyone that has mastered DFS lineup building isn’t selling you a lineup for a couple dollars that they could use themselves and make thousands of dollars each night. Why would they increase the competition and split their winnings with you? Think about it.
  • In spite of what the marketing department and lawyers at FanDuel and DraftKings say, DFS is gambling and you need to do what you can to gain a competitive edge.
  • There are full time players spending hours each day building lineups.

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Take advantage of the lessons I have learned and get a jump on the competition.

  • Learn how to identify games to target
  • Learn how to select players
  • Learn what contest types give you the best odds of cashing
  • And much, much more

This isn’t an affiliate program or product that I’m pushing. I wrote it, I believe in it, and so do my many satisfied customers.

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