Pay Up For Your Daily Fantasy Hockey Goalie

Fantasy Hockey Goalie Selection

Now that baseball season has wound down for me, I’m turning most of my energy back to daily fantasy hockey. With that shift I like to go back to last year and read over my notes on player selection, and I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on building a hockey lineup over the next few posts.

In baseball I pick my pitcher first, in hockey the first position I like to pick is my goalie. Don’t look to save salary on your goalie, the position is way too important. One jacked up outing from your goalie and the rest of your roster might not even matter. The ideal DFS goalie is one who’s likely to face a lot of shots, stop most of them, and get the win.

If you’re trying to find value, don’t look at the goalie. If you’re looking for a killer GPP play, don’t look for “boom or bust” in your goalie. Much like baseball, daily fantasy hockey is a completely random game. Some of the biggest stars will produce zero’s and you can’t let that bum you out. The best way to minimize this risk is to pick a star goalie.

Also similar to picking my pitchers in baseball, I look to the Vegas lines to help find the best goalie plays. Once I have my goaltender locked, I’m going to start looking for for value in my utility & winger spots.