DFS Lineup Research Can Put You In The Money

DFS Optimizers Excel When Fed Additional Data

Over the past year I have been sharing the results of playing default lineups generated by a number of DFS lineup optimizers. I have had pretty good success by just using the defaults, but as I’ve stated in other posts it really helps to like, lock and exclude players (or entire games) based on DFS lineup research. Daily Fantasy Nerd specifically generates great lineups for 50/50’s, but a lot of people are using the tool resulting in the same lineups being entered into a lot of contests. This isn’t helpful at all when it comes to placing higher in large tournaments where only (roughly) the top 20% of the field places in the money and only the top 1% wins big prize money.

Research Is Key

Doing DFS lineup research is fun (you are reading about sports or watching games) and can lead to greater prize money. It also makes you look like a f’ing DFS stud when you can spout off stats and predictions like a wizard. (BTW: I don’t get out much and hang around with other dorks when I do.)

As an example of results, here are two lineups from the same contest. The lineup on the left was generated as a result of liking the players (that were playing in the available games for that slate) that appeared in the data sheet at the bottom of this post.

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There are some fairly subtle differences in player selection, but it meant the difference between coming in 6th and 24th.

Here is a small portion of the data sheet that I build daily during my research as described in my lineup building guide.