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We’ve put more info on the tools that we use when building lineups on one page for easy reference. We recommend these products without hesitation and think you will find them valuable.

  1. Daily Fantasy Nerd

1. Daily Fantasy Nerd

Daily Fantasy Nerd has been around for a little over a year and the developers are constantly adding features to the tool and releasing bug fixes. They also generate a lot of information on how to use the tool, as shown in these video’s, much of which applies to lineup building in general. I recommend Daily Fantasy Nerd without hesitation.

Visit Daily Fantasy Nerd to sign up for a free 7-day trial.

How does Daily Fantasy Nerd Help Me Build Better Lineups?

Daily Fantasy Nerd gives you the same DFS tools used by the pros to help you create lineups in less time. The Daily Fantasy Nerd lineup optimizer uses sophisticated algorithms to produce optimal lineups based on player projections (which are updated throughout the day as news of starting lineups, injuries, vegas odds, and weather come in). Daily Fantasy Nerd provides a comprehensive set of stats (color-coded to help you easily identify top players for the day) that would take hours to aggregate on your own.

What Daily Fantasy Sites Are Supported By Daily Fantasy Nerd?

There are different pricing levels for DFN. The DFS sites supported are FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo, and FantasyAces. Current pricing can be found here, but as of the time of this writing it is:

  1. $24.99 for access to 1 DFS site (Veteran plan),
  2. $44.99 for access to 2 DFS sites (All-Star plan),
  3. $79.99 for access to 4 DFS sites (MVP plan).
Does Daily Fantasy Nerd Provide Projections?

Yes they do. 


The NFL projections are updated as injury updates come in throughout the week. Usually, the latest updates will come in by Sunday at 12pm EST after the NFL announces their inactive/injury report. The projections account for injury impact and backups taking over a starter’s workload.


The NBA projections are updated throughout the day as news comes in regarding: starting lineups, injuries, vegas odds, and more. DFN updates expected minutes and production rates based on changes to starting lineups and injuries. DFN also shows a last update time indicator so you know if we made any changes within the hour.


The MLB projections take many factors into consideration (including but not limited to): handedness splits for hitters and pitchers, batting order, park factors, weather factors, and vegas odds (including player props).

The MLB projections are updated throughout the day as new data comes in for starting lineups, weather, and vegas odds.

DFN has done a lot of research and testing in producing their projections. They have analyzed the accuracy of Daily Fantasy Nerd projections using pearson correlations and found them to be superior to every major MLB DFS projection source they could compare them to.


The NHL projections are updated throughout the day as news comes in regarding: lines, powerplay units, injuries, vegas odds, and more.

Visit Daily Fantasy Nerd to sign up for a free 7-day trial.

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