RotoQL Review Update

I was contacted by the team at RotoQL because they wanted to let me know that some major updates had been made to their offering since I last reviewed their product. I’m always happy to take a look at new tools and updates to existing ones. Particularly when a company reaches out with no other objective than just to let me know things have changed. A positive indicator that they really care about the DFS community. After a quick look, I decided that a RotoQL review update is overdue.

RotoQL Updates

RotoQL is now providing projections as opposed to having to purchase add-on subscriptions (add-ons to some of the best projections providers are still available though). The addition of projections was huge for me, I didn’t like the concept of paying $30 for a front end then having to pay an additional $10 or more a month for sport specific projections. This as a huge improvement from a $$$ perspective.

Other things have changed as well. There have been some nice changes to the UI, not drastic but more subtle “usability” changes to make the presentation more intuitive, and providing a nice “dashboard” feel.

RotoQL Review Update Dashboard Image
RotoQL Dashboard

There is a sport specific news feed available from the dashboard, a dropdown with slates from previous days that enables a “back in time” capability. This lets you run select players and re-reun projections and see how your lineup would have performed (actual FPs scored vs Projected FPs is shown). There is a better “Games in the slate” view, color coded stats, and much more.

Digging Deeper Into RotoQL

It’s going to take me a couple days to break down all the capabilities of the tool, but I’ll be posting “inchstone” updates as I discover interesting features you will find useful.

The end goal is a complete update of my RotoQL review. Over the next few weeks to months, I will be working on a more in-depth analysis of the tool, tips on how to quickly build a lineup using RotoQL, as well as the performance of optimizer which will be captured on the results page and posted as lineups are played.

If you haven’t taken a look at RotoQL recently, I absolutely encourage you to head over and take advantage of the free trial.